Saturday, October 5, 2013

Soda Blu

Jacket - Thrift Store
Dress - Soda Blu 
Shoes - Thrift Store

Having missed my former blog, but here's my latest post in my newly contructed blog here in blogspot. I wish this new account may lasts forever! hehe, chinggy! But anyways, I found that dress at my closet that i did'nt noticed that i have! It's Soda Blu, I don't know if you have some of their item, but it is surely a must-haves! Collaborated with that denim jacket from thrift stores here in manila, it is comfortable to wear, and since the weather here is kinda cold a bit, it matches because the jacket is not warm enough to handle the weather here. It is stretchable denim(that kinda freak me! hehe..) and has metal studs that attached in face of the buttons of the jacket. Amazing isn't it? Hehehe :) I already upload it at last 5 days ago, check that out!

Anyways, happy saturday and teacher's day to all teachers of the world!
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