Monday, March 17, 2014

021314 To be with you.

Floral Top - From my Mom's Closet
Denim Short - D.I.Y.
Shoes - Thrifted

Posted on last February 13, 2014. I know that it was late posting this on the blog but, Now i really made it! Sorry that I was so really late because of the "TURTLE - NET"! Lol! Turtle net because it has so many problems when it comes to connectivity these days but it solve.
By the way, this outfit that i want to share is supposed to be the outfit for the valentines day, with matching grunge inspired look... Valentines because, I was supposedly post this on the valentines day! And second, my Floral Top that I wear, originally from mom is romantically looked perfect for may grungy romantic theme... Also, I made a D.I.Y denim shorts that I wish it get washier the color of it.

Okay, so much for that! Happy day guys!

Oh! I'm on my Instagram now! Click the link: @mariamorphia92

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